Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doctor on Wheels- Part Six

We walked back in the same pattern. But there was no sense of urgency and seriousness this time. The doctor told me to keep a watch on the patient for the next 2 hours. He would have to be admitted in a nursing home in case his condition did not improve.
The escorting friends were silent as we reached the a/c coach. They bid good bye & left for their coach.

I had accompanied the doctor inside the a/c coach where the lady doctor & TTE were eagerly waiting. We had a relaxed sitting and the doctor couple was eager to know about my family. They developed a fondness to my son when I described about him. The lady doctor also appeared to be very happy and remarked- “Our grandson must be of his age”.

Finally I got up to bid good bye, but the doctor asked me to sit back. “Young man, how can you go back without paying my fees?

It was a shock, but I knew that the mistake was from my side. I should have offered to pay his fees without waiting for him to ask.

I took out my wallet and told apologetically. “I am sorry Doctor, I had just forgotten that. Please tell me how much is your fees, I know that any amount will not match your service”. He had a winked at his wife and smiled at me. “Money is too small a fees from a person like you, dear. Your friendship is what we cherish. Give me your address and we want to send a gift to your little one.” I was feeling elated and contended. For a moment all the physical strain had vanished, and my mind was elevated to a different strata. He shook both his hands on mine and wished me the very best things in life.

Yeah, these were the real moments of life. These were the moments you can’t buy with money. These were the most cherished ones. These would have lost had I ever given up!

I had quietly strolled back to my coach. I was tired and just wanted to sleep, but the doctor’s words made me alert.

“You have to watch the patient for another couple of hours.” I went near their seat. Things were normal as both of them were half asleep.

As time passed, the train approached a major station and I looked at the watch. It was more than two hours. I went and enquired his condition & lady told me that he seemed to be alright.

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