Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doctor on Wheels Final

The train had come to a screeching halt, and I jumped into the platform. It was a late night stop, and platform was not crowded. I could find a vendor selling some food packets, and grabbed one.

The food tasted excellent. I slipped into a deep sleep almost instantly. I got up late in the morning and walked towards the wash basin. I saw the couple sitting together and having breakfast. I smiled at them.

The man curiously asked me “Can you get me a Malayalam News Paper? I had been trying right from 5 ‘O Clock onwards”
I assured him to try in the next station. I was happy that he did not develop any complications. He appeared to have forgotten all the pain of the day before!

Time had elapsed and we were nearing the destination. Every one was busy in readying their luggage & disembarking. I was expecting them to come and say good bye.

But no such thing happened. They got out of the train in a hurry and vanished into the crowd. I felt a bit dejected.

Soon, I was on my own looking for the driver who was supposed to meet me in station.
Meanwhile I saw the Doctor couple waving at me from the platform. I went near them and reported that the patient was all right. I thanked them once again.

I could recollect this incident when I saw the last year’s rail budget speech. The railway minister’s proposal to have “a Doctor on Train” is definitely great initiative. I wonder why no one else had ever thought of such a nice idea till now.

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  1. really touching one. I believe that good work always gets paid off. I am sure that the couple whome you helped might not forget you for their whole life even though they didnt greet you for what you did for them.