Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doctor on Wheels-Part Five

I found out the location of unreserved compartment and memorized their names. The passage was arduous, but there was no easier option. I maneuvered through the crowd & reached the guys in unreserved compartment. They stared at me and did not listen in the beginning. I took the reference of their colleague and explained the readiness of the doctor. I exhorted them to take up a noble cause and highlighted the value of their services. I had conveyed that they will be like angels with this act.

They started listening patiently, and agreed finally. The tough looking policemen became lovely doves and started obeying whatever I said. They developed a liking for my broken Hindi and started addressing me Madrasi Babu.

We knew that we were slowly gaining ground. We reached the a/c coach again, & waited for doctor. The lady doctor smiled & handed over the medical kit to me and once again insisted reminded me to take care of the old man.

The doctor was, however not impressed with the guys. “Who are these people? I wanted some one from the police? How can I take chances in a late night train? Sorry, I never expected this from you.”

We were at pains to explain. The men modestly took out their ID Cards. “Then why are you not in uniform?” It was a big task to convince him, but eventually he had agreed to come.

We walked in a convoy. One of the escorts was leading the way, followed by the Doctor. I walked behind the doctor carrying his kit, and the other guard followed me. We had traversed coaches after coaches through the crowd balancing the sideways swings of the moving train; it was much easier this time with the help of the policemen.

It was great to be back in my own compartment. We moved towards the patient, who appeared uncomfortable and in pain. The TTE was waiting along with a number of people. Their eyes lit up by seeing our convoy.

The lady looked at me in disbelief. The man looked at me in gratitude. Silence prevailed for a moment, but it had conveyed a lot. Thank you God for the strength you gave. This was a great moment.

Doctor had examined the patient for a while & talked to him gently. He made him comfortable patted on his back. He told him that he would be alright soon and there was no reason to worry. He gave him an injection while I was assisting him by holding the medical kit under his instructions. He gave some tablets with instructions to the lady.

Every one heaved a sigh of relief, and a relieved ambience prevailed. We took leave.

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